Room in Here (Poem)


Whats goodie yall. It's been a minute. Instead of boring you guys with the reasons of my recent hiatus, I thought I'd break the ice with something really important to me.

Last year me and some lads covered one of the dopest songs ever from one of the dopest artists ever. I'm of course talking about Anderson Paak and his record "Room in Here".  We performed it live at a bar/music venue on the Upper West Side called Prohibition. My boy Shane (IG: @shanezenmusic) was on the guitar and my bestie Robin (IG: @funkmogul_) was rocking the vocals. Check out this snippet if interested... and this one too.

Aside from playing keys, I had a verse at the end. Knowing how The Game bodied his verse in Paak's song, I knew I had to come correct. Which is what brings me here today. This wonderful video. Standing as one of my best/favorite prose I've ever written, this hip hop verse is delivered in spoken-word style, paying tribute to it's poetic lines. While writing, I knew I had to spit BARS but still deliver metaphorical poetic lines, sprinkled with wit/charm to fully accomplish the goal (which I personally feel like I did).

At the end of the video, you'll notice me promoting two awesome events that I have planned. First up Art Saves Mother Earth. I've recently joined a group called A New Black Arts Movement, and I'm proud to announce that I've been orchestrating my first event (Soul Session) with them. This soul session will be about tackling different issues of the environment and overall social injustice in our communities. Various performances from singers to dancers to spoken word artists will embody this theme. Also there will be live visual artists drawing/painting up some dope art. I know I have some followers abroad but if you're in NYC, definitely, check this out. You wouldn't want to miss it.

Secondly, on April 23rd I will be having a concert titled "Live @ Brian's Apt.", viewing on both Facebook and Instagram live. So even my peeps abroad could witness what I know is going to be one of my proudest moments. Brian is my dope cousin and I will be performing in front of a packed, raging crowd in his living room lol. I planned this to be very intimate, as you can tell. I will share most, if not all, of my talents ranging from being an instrumentalist to rapping. I will also bring some dope featured artists. More details on the way :)

But as of now... Ladies and Gents, I present... Room in Here: