Hotline Bling: A Landmark or a Comedy?


Unless your body has been grossly covered under a rock these past few days, you have come across Drake's latest music video for his single Hotline Bling. Upon, its release, Drake has touched upon the fact that he has never reached the number 1 spot on the billboard charts. With Hotline Bling currently holding the number 2 slot it would only be smart to execute with a video that will suit the song well and make it go viral. And by Drake being Drake that is exactly what he does... One thing I have to ask though.. Is this virality for the wrong reasons?? What's in the video? And why has everyone been talking about it ?

Ima put it this way. Drake was tryna cha cha to a song that sounds like Cha Cha but in reality only Cha Cha would make the cha cha okay to cha cha.. ya feel me?

For those that don't know, Cha Cha is a song made by rapper/singer D.R.A.M. Hotline Bling is founded on the basis of being the remix to, or Drake's version of, D.R.A.M.'s song. Drake has his producer slightly change the instrumental, slows it down a tad, and gives it the usual emo approach in his "I miss you girl, your new man aint shit" songs. Take a listen to Cha Cha below...

I only bring this up because that type of corky dancing perfectly fits in the turn-up framework and Latin styles of D.R.A.M.'s song... Drake's song, however?? ..mmmm not so much. Watching a grown man sing about his depressing love life and seeing him turn-up like an old man at a disco, first had me looking at the screen like...



There real winner of this video however, is social media. Within these past 4 days they've had a field day, as expected. Leave it up to the viners to take a video and turn it into something we tune in daily for a dose of laughter. Watch as numerous people put their spin on Hotline Bling:

As seen in this video, the Latino community have also found joy in Drake's music video. There's been many vines where Bachata, Merengue, or Reggaeton music is playing in the background and Drake is gives us his best renditions of Latin dance moves. My personal favorite though?

I honestly cannot tell you how many times i've died watching this (my Dominicans would understand). Leave it to Papi Champagne to, not only have Latina women in the video but to, show us Dominicans that dancing Bachata isn't as hard as singing it.

Exhibit A: (Please excuse Ice JJ and future President, Mr. West.)

All jokes aside, Drake really does look like he's genuinely having fun in the video. And if this move lands him a number 1 next week, which I think it definitely will, this will be such a landmark on the young rapper's career(which has already hit such a peak this year alone). Even though this song and video is great on its own,I ,as well as social media, couldn't help ourselves from laughing just a little. But just like the #drakebelike or #drakethetypanigga memes and tweets, it only adds more publicity to his arsenal and makes him more into the superstar that he already is. Keep reaching for them starts Drizzy, and an early congratulations to when you reach that #1 on billboard.