Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself my Name is...

To epitomize my taste in music is almost damn-near impossible. I find myself stumped over the puzzling words “What type of music do you listen to?” Whenever asked that question, I take the usual approach in shrugging my shoulders and saying “I dunno, I listen to everything”. But I guess I’ll try to sum it up for you folks today. My music taste is best personified as a Dominican person growing up in every hip hop era, who has vinyl collections of major black musical art forms (Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Soul, and Blues), who is in a band that plays every possible subgenre in rock music, and who also listens to a tad bit of country and electronic music on his/her off time... if any of that makes sense. From Frank Sinatra to Tupac, from Lady Gaga and Ella Fitzgerald to Iron Maiden and Anthony Santos, I think it’s safe to say I listen to everything.

I'm not quite sure how my musical preferences became so diverse. Growing up, however, that very same appreciation was used against me. When I was in middle school the rap music of the south has taken over the airways and every sense of our culture in the Bronx. Even I was seen rocking the baggy clothes and snapping my life away to Dem Franchize Boyz's "Lean wit it, Rock wit it" (don't judge me). On the flip side, I was obsessed with rock bands like Daughtry, Fall Out Boy, and (dare i say) Nickleback. I was called whiteboy. It was apparent that most of my Hispanic and Black friends in the streets did not have the same appreciation for, as they would call it "that kill yourself music" or "that white people shit". I was smack in the middle of both worlds. Stuck in no mans land. Or as a famous Eminem line and a cute teddy bear would best put it, i was...

As my perception of the world grew and diversified, my music immediately followed. I studied other genres and looked more into older music. A lil guitar playing might have also helped. I wanted to be the best guitar player ever, studying various styles in rock and bachata.

Fast forward to now and I want to be the best overall musician and writer I could possibly be. As a performer I want the world to get a glimpse of my ideas and my vision, the primary reason this blog was created in the first place. I've gotten so much knowledge over the years that its a shame I've barely put my ideas on paper. It's a shame that I could reach out to so many different people that delve into various genres yet I haven't blessed them with my opinions. I've had a head full of thoughts and had gotten way to overly excited in music conversations for way to long. I need to show the world whats been cookin up in my head for years now. It's time I have a creative outlet for my thoughts and analysis, a sanctuary for my vision.

Welcome everyone and thanks for letting my words come across your life today. Stay tuned, good stuff is on the way, i guarantee that.


Dilson :)