One Time for the Vlog

Ladies and Gents... My first vlog post.

I've wanted to do this for a while now actually. I feel like there so much more energy and spirit behind a camera that just can't be replicated through written words from a keyboard. I see this as growth too, getting out of my comfort zone by articulating my art and passion alot better than the half ass job I've been doing. Through facial expressions and all, I hope to visibly portray my personality by speaking directly to whoever is watching. And for those who'll consistently watch... I fucks with you in advance my guy. 

In the spirit of the first blog post under my wordpress domain, I decided to share the same title. What better way to start my first vlog, than to give yall an introduction of who I am. This past year I've gained many followers, many who've never met me, let alone know who I am. So I thought of making this loooong ass video (sorry bout that had a lot to say lol) with an ugly ass face as the thumbnail (sorry bout that too God can't change ugly) to let you guys know where I'm from, what I'm about, and what I aspire to be. Hope yall enjoy it :)


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